Excursion - Window Display

Francesco Musci uses nylon coatings and opaline Plexiglas plates. Frugal materials in keeping with the stylistic codes of the brand are used to express the concept of lightness in the journey in the designer’s first ever Window Display. Designed for the Store Brand Add in Corso Venezia in Milan during the Milan Fashion Week. The displays showcases the scenery of an autumn mountain landscape deconstructed during a hike with airships, which follow the route of a chronological conversion from sunrise to sunset, made at the base by a drawn skyline from a square and rectangular layer of opaque opaline Plexiglas backlit in pastel shades. In the background  the dominating scene complements the self-produced furniture by designers such as modular prisms which symbolise the Alpine peaks with mirrored material, to absorb the varying intensity of the light striking the Alps, from the rising of the sun to its down, from left to right in this case. Nylon is the protagonist in the two dimensions of each window displays, at the base of the processing waste are laid nylon, in the chromatic shades of the season, crumpled like autumn leaves. Suspended are airships coated in nylon with sartorial savoir fair, in the colours of the collection that amplify the concept of lightness, flying space to transport from one outerwear showcase designer add.

Photo Credit: Sina Pouyan

Excursion | add | 2016