Photo Credit: Sina Pouyan

Francesco Musci

Italian designer born in Milan in August 1987.

He graduated cum laude in Product Design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Already during his studies he was working in Milan as Freelance Designer and Visual Merchandiser, for the most prestigious brands of design gaining invaluable experience. He was selected from Christian Dior Company in the review: Lady Dior As Seen By – A New Generationof Italian Artists to interpret the prestigious Lady Dior bag. Driven for his passion for foreign cultures and after completing his studies, he decided to move to Asia. His experience in the Far East as interior designer, allowed him to refine his design research and explore withgreat curiosity the relationship between the individual and object. Since 2013 he collaborates in Product Design Workshop at Acccademy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. Established since 2015, Mufra Design Studio is based on exploring the everydayness andturning it into wonderment. His investigation expressed a strong narrative connotation andeach project is an opportunity to tell a new story in everyday life.